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In any discussion of contemporary Indian art the significant contribution of Sudhir Patwardhan is undeniable. He belongs to the openly eclectic generation of artists born in the 40's whose socio-political commitments seem to have been best realized in their work through figuration. Their eclecticism which includes Western influences as well as their own traditional ones springs from a particularly Indian mandate which has to be understood in its art historical contexts.

   Sudhir uses his sources with deliberation, quoting when the need arises from Leger and Cezanne to the Jehangiri School of Moghul miniatures. What emerges is a highly personal style which has focused in different ways over the years on the working classes.

- Kamala Kapoor (Art Critic)

Sudhir Patwardhan , a practising radiologist at Thane,near Mumbai,  held his first solo exhibition of paintings at Art Heritage, New Delhi, in 1979. Since then he has held 10 solo exhibitions in Mumbai, Thane, NewDelhi and Calcutta. He has participated in many group exhibitions throught India and his work has been selected for major exhibitions of contemporary Indian art , sent abroad, to London, New York, Paris and Geneva, among other cities. His paintings are in many public and private collections including The National of Modern Art , New Delhi; lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi; Punjab University Museum, Chandigarh; Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal; Gallery of Contemporary Art, Kochi; Glenbarra Art Museum, Japan; and the Herwitz Family Colelction, USA.


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